LT-W22W : WISS 12 in. Bent Handle Industrial Shears

Part : LT-W22W

$ 45.55

Thick, heavy duty blades for cutting multiple layers and tough materials Ideal for cutting uphols...

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OS-708 : Osborne E-Z Cut Leather Shears

Part : OS-708

$ 41.49

A shear that cuts soft leather up to 8 oz leather. Knife-edge, ultra sharp blades are chrome-plated;...

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OS-W8BLT : Osborne Belt or Leather Serrated Shear

Part : OS-W8BLT

$ 53.50

Works great for cutting leather, belting, and webbing. These heavy-duty shears feature serrated blad...

$ 53.50

SA-304BC : Dyno Thread Snips Tool

Part : SA-304BC

$ 13.23

Sewing Thread Snippers Trimming Snipper Nippers Ball bearing action with knife edge Brite-c...

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SA-M801 :Mundial Forged 4-1/2" Thread Clip

Part : SA-M801

$ 17.50

The perfect tool for snipping away unwanted thread Professional quality. Self opening. Hot ...

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