LT-245800 : Purse Pliers

Part : LT-245800

$ 58.95

Wide jaw pliers to mount zippers or pull leather Very helpful with assembly processes

$ 58.95

OS-10 : Osborne Cantle Plier

Part : OS-10

$ 74.67

These zinc plated Cantle Pliers are used to tightly form the leathers around the perimeter of the ca...

This product is out of stock

OS-103.5 : Osborne Lacing Pliers

Part : OS-103.5

$ 4.18

Osborne Lacing Plier Forged steel. Single pivot, polished jaws, red vinyl handles. Slightly serra...

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OS-233 : Osborne Lasting Pincer Pliers

Part : OS-233

$ 55.32

Drop forged. With box joint and carefully milled teeth. Polished head, black enameled handles. 5/16"...

This product is out of stock

OS-250 : Osborne Canvas or Leather Plier

Part : OS-250

$ 44.38

Wide jaw pliers for stretching canvas, leather, and upholstery Made with hammer jaw, the hammer a...

$ 44.38