OS-1012 : Osborne Zipper Stop Plier

Part : OS-1012

$ 61.20

Made of high quality forged steel. Vinyl handles for easy gripping. Spring loaded. Designed to ...

ATM-REFIL-10PK : Refil Silver Leather Marking Pen for Cutting Machines


$ 13.99

Silver Pens for Marking Leather, PVC or other smooth materials before cutting. Markings are easil...

$ 13.99

OS-792 : Osborne Leather Roughing Brush

Part : OS-792

$ 9.05

C.S. Osborne Leather Brush cleans and roughens leather before applying adhesives. Lacquered woode...

$ 9.05

LT-30100: Hyde Hardwood Roller Tool - 1-1/4” Flat

Part : LT-30100

$ 6.75

Designed for pressing glued edges and for folding and smoothing seams Hardwood flat rol...