**USED** LINEA 20 AFC06 Buckle Bartack Machine w/ ADLER 838 with thread trim

Part : SM-L20-AFC06_U

Call for Pricing: (936) 539-1400

Innovative machine for bartacking of buckles on belts. Built with Durkopp Adler 838 head Easy to...

Ellegi GL52A Bandknife Splitting Machine

Part : RLM-ELG-GL52A

Call for Pricing: (936) 539-1400

Ellegi GL52A Automatic Splitting Machines Like new 2001 model with original bandknife! Work...

** LIKE NEW ** Sagitta RP67TE Thermofolding Machine with Clutch Motor Table


Call for Pricing: (936) 539-1400

Folding machine for working the edges on a wide variety of shaped products. A bead of hot melt glue ...

**USED** FT1-LX Hydraulic Cut-Out & Embossing Machine

Part : RLM-FT1LX

Call for Pricing: (936) 539-1400

**USED** FT1-LX Hydraulic Cut-Out & Embossing Machine with Heat, Foil & Rotary Table Power ...