Camoga C420 / C520 Series

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Camoga C420 / C520 Series

Camoga Splitters are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards

  • Quality of materials and manufactured components insure dependable high performance.
  • Simplicity of use and maintenance to limit unproductive down time and unnecessary expenses.
  • Reliable and Flexible, without limitations due to quality, these machines allow for high productivity and a perfect adaption for a variety of applications and materials.

A wide range of Camoga models are available to meet every requirement, from the custom shops to big industry. Made in Italy!


  • No knife trend setting
  • Grinding unit suitable for corundum or diamond wheels
  • Simple micrometric control
  • Fast setting of bevel width
  • Guide gib group with automatic adjustment
  • Independent exhaust for emery dust and scraps
  • Wheel moving on precision roller guides
  • Fast working pressure adjustment
  • Optical viewer to check knife bevel symmetry
  • Digital thickness readout
  • Hand book and service tools included
  • Ergonomic work position to reduce fatigue
  • Low noise level
  • Fast replacement Guide Roll/Bar without removing joint
  • Upper feed standard with upper roll
  • Access to all components for an easy and rapid servicing
  • Life lubricated mechanical components
  • Safety device in compliance with CE standards
  • Feature introduced for the first time by Camoga

Options and Accessories:

  • Upper Feed Roll ( 8 mm max./0.6 mm min)
  • Special Upper Feed Roll
  • Rubber Coated Bottom Feed Roll
  • Corundum or Diamond Sharpening Wheels
  • Special Low Friction Feed Table
  • Strap edge skiving set
  • Belt skiving set – skives edges and tip while leveling
  • Removal unit for split pieces
  • Mechanical or Electronic Thickness Gauge
Model C420 R C 420 L C520 R C 520 L
Working Width 420 mm 420 mm 520 mm 520 mm
Max Thickness 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Min Thickness (roll/bar) 0.6/0.2 mm 0.6/0.2 mm 0.6/0.2 mm 0.6/0.2 mm
Feed Speed 4 Ele. – Mec. Variable 4 Ele. – Mec. Variable
Toe-Split Option No Standard No Standard
Working Pressure Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Messages & Alarms Alfanumeric Touch Screen Alfanumeric Touch Screen
Knife Dimension 0.7x50x3500 0.7x50x3500 0.8x50x3700 0.8x50x3700
Installed Power 3.0 kW 3.2 kW 3.4 kW 3.6 kW
Net/Gross Weight 635 / 817 kg 645 / 827 kg 670 / 871 kg 685 / 886 kg
Machine Dimensions 1.6×1.1×1.3 m 1.6×1.1×1.3 m 1.7×1.3×1.1 m 1.7×1.3×1.1 m
Case Dimensions 1.75×1.2×1.45m 1.75×1.2×1.45m 1.85×1.2×1.45m 1.85×1.2×1.45m


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