OMAC 3505 Welt Making Machine with Thermoplastic (Hot Melt) Adhesive

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Model 3505 Welt & Piping Machine – Hot Melt

  • Designed to form welting, piping, or other ribbed profiles in leather, synthetic leather and similar materials.
  • Applies Hot Melt Thermoplastic Adhesive
  • In one continuous cycle the machine can…
    1. Apply adhesive to the strips or tape
    2. Insert the string or cord
    3. Fold the strip in on itself
    4. Trim the part to final width
    5. Make perpendicular notches on the fold for easy of working of the welt
  • Control Panel adjusts speed, temperature and sets “manual” or “automatic” operation
  • Production capacity about 750 mt./hr (820 yrds/ hr)
  • Recommended Temperature 150 to 160 Cº
  • Specify Voltage when Ordering – Standard 220V 1ph 600W
  • Standard setup HEAD ONLY (stand optional)


  • Standard profile tools:
    • 2.2 to 2.5 mm core
    • Leather 0.7 to 0.8 mm (2 oz)
  • Special Order
    • Rollers and binders for different edges and V cuts


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