Miniroller CYCLONE Lay End-Cutter

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Effortless, fast and accurate cutting and clamping of cloth, leather and heavy materials


Cyclone lay end-cutters are used for efficiently, quickly and accurately cross cutting fabrics, cloth, textiles, fibreglass, leather, canvas, tarpaulin and many other materials as found in the clothing & garment manufacture industries, home textiles trade, curtain and bedding trades, canvas, filter and many other industries. Available with 9 or 10 ft rails for cutting long materials or full leather hides.


A powerful cutting head travels in an aluminium track ensuring a straight cut. The cutting head can be pushed or pulled using a long handle, or the travel can be automated so that a cross cut can be made at the push of a button. A second track is provided to act as a pull-out length guide; this guide is raised vertically, using a handle, each time a length is pulled out which allows the fabric to fall flat on the table into a pile, or “lay”. Each time a cross cut is made then the cutting track can also be raised allowing the fabric to be trapped under each track at each end. In some cases only single cuts are required, such as the made-to measure curtain industry. In this case we ca supply just the cutting head and track to be attached in one position to your table.

LCY Semi-Automatic with Air Operated Lifts

  1. PUSH BUTTON operation. Cable drum keeps cable of the work table. Variable speed depending on the material.
  2. GEAR MOTOR for increased cutting power. Compression guide for materials up to 50 mm (2″ thick)
  3. MATERIAL SUPPORT at the beginning of each cut to ensure accurate cuts every time. Two hand control to ensure operator safety.
  4. AIR OPERATED LIFTS rise effortlessly after each cut. No cables, bars or straps remain on the table, allowing for multiple step lays or sliding lays down the table.
  5. ELECTRIC COUNTER helps keep track of the number of each length laid.
  6. PRE-SET CONTROL for various widths of cloth
  7. COUNTER-WEIGHT residual air pressure can be adjusted to make the track lighter for holding delicate fabrics or heavier slippery fabrics


LCY Heavy-Duty MANUAL Lay End Cutter

  1. LIFT HANDLE adjustable for operator comfort, raise track evenly
  2. Pair of ADJUSTABLE TABLE CLAMPS on the operator’s side make the setting of length easier.
  3. RETURN END STABILIZER allows for full table width
  4. PRESS BUTTON in handle for operator control of the cutting head


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