KF-3086036 TOLEDO ZERO Leather Dye BROWN 38636


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Part KF-3086036
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  • High-power dye for changing the color of vegetable and chrome tanned leather, commonly known as crust leather. 
  • Easy to use and can be applied by hand with a sponge pad, by spraying or by dip dye method (full immersion).
  • The dye process gives the leather a transparent and natural color, infuenced by the leather’s natural colors.
  • Deep absorption in the crust leather, good transparency and the ability to keep the leather soft. 
  • Remains flexible and does not crack if flexed, stretched or lasted, in any temperature
  • Use of finishing products and waxes will seal and ensure amazing brilliance and the essential nourishment of the leather.
  • TOLEDO ZERO has low environmental impact without harsh odors, allowing easy use in every workplace
  • Ideal for sample room, small production environments and for artisan makers.


  • Immersion or dip dye the leather
  • Spray
  • Sponge apply by hand
  • Let dry 10-15 minutes.

Finishing Options:

  • Apply NATURA, NOVA, SIRIO or LUXOR finishing creams by sponge and let dry 4 minutes
  • Finishing Sprays Appretto Mild, Appretto Super or FISSANTE S Color Stabilizer - Clear 329102

** Toledo & Kaleido series are transparent dyes. The final color is influenced by the original color and absorption of the leather


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