FCF-005 FENICE COLORFAST Leather Dye - GREEN (1 liter)


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Part FCF-005
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FENICE COLORFAST series of water-base, fluid cream dyes, has revolutionized the approach to the dyeing and finishing of vegetable tan leathers. Available in 17 primary colors, which can be mixed to obtain the desired color tone. 

The blend of natural and synthetic waxes with color components specially formulated to allow deep and intense dyeing power, with a desirable reactivity when brushing, together with good general color retention in leather, such as water resistance, wear resistance and rub durability. The aniline effect obtained is clean, not overbearing, with a natural, attractive, bright and finish typical of the best veg-tanned leathers.


  •  Strong dyeing power
  •  Treated leather retains a soft and natural feel
  •  Good general color retention
  •  Easy application


  •  Easily applied by sponge or pad to obtain uniform or slightly ‘cloudy’ effects.
  •  For roll or spray application, dilute up to 30% with HP THINNER. Improves penetration and reduces overloading of product. Filter the mixture before spraying.
  •  Can be further enhanced and sealed with the FENICE VICTORIA CREME® series top coat finishes.


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