COMELZ CZ/P Personal Cutter for leather and synthetic materials

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With the flexibility typical of cnc knife cutting machines, CZ/P recreates the same optimal working conditions of swing arm clicker presses. The CZ/P the work area is compact and ergonomic, with a telescopic swing arm cutting head mounted on a rotating arm. This structure, which was inspired by traditional swing arm clicking presses, allows a complete accessibility of the work area that is unobstructed on the front and sides and has a rear pocket to accommodate the leather. The optional conveyor belt helps the movement of the material allowing an excellent flow of the work cycle.



  • Cutting Area: 51 x 25-1/2 inches (1300 x 650 mm) 
  • Multi-Function Cutting Head: Includes an oscillating knife, punch tools, and marking pen. Modular way for easy maintenance.
  • Punching: Punching unit with 5 tool slots. Tool size ranges from 0 (pin or prick tool) to 5 mm. The punch rotates as it penetrates the material for clean cuts.
  • Marking Pen: For marking stitching lines, part sizes, part numbers, etc. 
  • Cutting Knives: Five standard cutting blades included with the machine.
  • Vacuum Under Cutting Surface: The powerful vacuum system holds the material as the machine cuts. Independent micro-sectors are automatically controlled by the machine, in order to focus vacuum strength where it is needed.
  • Laser Projection: Laser projection is used for cut part placement during manual nesting. The integrated green laser projector projects distinct shapes of materials of every color and under all lighting conditions
  • LED light system



  • Conveyor Belt:  the operator can feed the leather from the cavity behind the cutting area towards the operator. The optional conveyor belt helps improved work flow of the material.
  • Additional Safety Barier: Photocells stop the cutting head from moving when the operator needs to reach into the cutting area. The photocells are mounted to protect the front and both sides of the cutting head. The photocells are mounted with spring sensors and covered with foam to further protect the operator.
  • CAD .dxf Converter: Converts .dxf files from your current CAD program to a file that can be read by the GL Machine Control Software.
  • Setup & Training: Setup and training at the customers facility. Machine setup, operator training, maintenance training and troubleshooting. 


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