Atom SE Clicker Presses

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ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses

SE Series

The ATOM Swing Arm (Clicker Presses) are used for a wide variety of die cutting applications. The most common uses are cutting soft to semi-rigid materials such as gaskets, leather, cork, rubber, elastic, foam, and other like materials. ATOM clicker presses are also used in many laboratories and testing facilities.

All of ATOM’s presses are completely hydraulic and are made of strong casting material to insure powerful yet quiet running. ATOM’s casting also insures maximum beam strength and performance. All moving parts are made of hardened steel and are self-lubricating. An SE Series press is ideal for people just venturing into the die cutting field, or for sample and scrap cutting. There are many models available ranging from 20 to 25 tons with bed sizes up to 20″x40″ and cutting heads up to 24″ in width


  • Automatic stroke end setting
  • Different height cutting die without adjustment
  • Control push buttons with built in device for 3/10 of second maximum delay operation to insure positive safety
  • Completely Hydraulic
  • Standard Electronic components all manufactured by ATOM
  • Overload Protection
  • One year warranty on parts, excluding cutting pad
SE Series Model Cutting Table (mm) Arm Width (mm) Max. Cutting Power (ton/ kN) Max. Stroke (mm) Max. Daylight (No Board) (mm) Motor Power (HP/ kW) M/C Dimensions (mm) Net. Weight (No Oil) (Kg) Weight (Inc. Packaging) (Kg)
SE 20C 900×430 370 20t/ 196 90 125 1HP / 0.75kW 900x870x1400 630 745
SE 25 1000×500 500 25t/ 245 90 125 1HP / 0.75kW 1000x1030x1425 1030 1160
SE 25L 1000×500 610 25t/ 245 90 125 1HP / 0.75kW 1000x1030x1425 1050 1180


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