ACF-BW88-740-02X400 : #740 Red Metallic Foil - 2" wide by 400 ft


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Part List
Part ACF-BW88-740-02X200
Availability Yes
  • #740 Red Metallic Foil
  • Cut to 2" wide, each roll 400 Ft long, inside roll diameter 1"
  • General purpose metallized hot stamping foil for fine to medium coverage applications
  • BW88 series can be printed onto the following substrates:
    • Coated and uncoated paper stocks, SBS board, light textured book cloth, ABS, acrylic, acetate, lacquered wood, Leather, rigid PVC, etc
    • The 88- base is overprintable with most conventional and UV inks, as well as overcoatable with clear UV lacquers. This base is also overstampable
  • Application Temperature: 225 - 300°F - Metal die 107 - 150°C (These temperature ranges serve only as a start-up reference. Proper temperature setting will depend on several other application conditions such as type of machinery and tooling, coverage, application speed and pressure, and other factors.)




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