**USED** DURKOPP ADLER 205-370 - Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine

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The 205 is a professional class sewing machine with large barrel shuttle, specially designed for processing thick threads thread and heavyweight materials. In addition to the extremely sturdy mechanical design and the enhanced feeding action, the 205 is characterised by an excellent stitch pattern and uniformly tight stitch.

  • Cylinder Arm construction allows an unhindered material handling
  • Triple Feed (Feed Dog, Needle Feed, Walking Foot) design helps feed heavy materials and has excellent climbing abilities
  • Single Needle
  • Long sewing cycles by barrel shuttle with large bobbin capacity
  • German engineerined - made in Europe
  • Excellent stitch pattern and constantly tight stitches
  • Unhindered handling of bulky workpieces
  • Manuals included

APPLICATIONS: Favorite among the manufactures of shoes and leather goods, saddlery, upholstery and technical textiles. Suitable for sewing heavyweight materials such as canvas, vinyl, leather, synthetics, and various coated, laminated and rubberized fabrics. Appropriate for use in upholstery, footwear, canvas, leather, saddlery, and harness industries. Designed for stitching such products as tents, sails, harnesses, tarpaulins, safety belts, parachutes, balloons, industrial bags, boots, book binding, upholstery, sports equipment, orthopedic appliances, luggage, knapsacks, footwear and outerwear made of extra heavy duty materials.


Motor Stand: Setup with speed reducer and 550W servo motor

Includes roller edge guide and harness feet


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