ORLY SL Edge Paint SEMI-MATT - BLACK (KF-3057556)

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Part KF-3057556
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ORLY SL Edge Paint

SEMI-MATT - BLACK (0233) 357556 - 1kg

  • Water-based paint for covering edges, seams and any other leather items having raw cuts edges, such as belts, handbags, apparel & leather accessories.
  • Can produce smooth and rounded edges with a silky touch and covers the seam between layered materials.
  • Very flexible and resistant to abrasion, hot and humid conditions
  • Excellent bond with a variety of materials, including leather and  synthetic materials, and articles with reinforcements or linings, both sharp cut or beveled edges
  • Application with any edge paint machine (horizontal, vertical etc.) or manual application. 
  • Compatible with drying ovens and hot glazing tools
  • Apply and store above 15°C (60°F)
  • Clean with water or SOLVENT 31708
  • Keep from freezing and extreme heat. 

ORLY SL is available in three versions:

  • ORLY SL - Glossy version: shiny and brilliant effect, very bright and solid with intense color.
  • ORLY SL SEMIOPACO - Semi-Matt version: bright matt effect with vivid colors. Can be made from 70% ORLY SL OPACO and 30% ORLY SL.
  • ORLY SL OPACO - Deep Matt version: intense matt effect. Produces uniform edges with opaque color coverage. Recommended for absorbent and irregular surfaces. Use as a base coat for ORLY SL paints. 


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